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Quran Classes Online is the leading Online Quran Academy that offers One on One Quran and Arabic Classes for kids and adults in UK, USA, Canada, and other countries. 

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Courses We Offer:

 Learn Noorani Qaida 

 Al Qaida Al Nooraniya may be a book for beginners to find out Quranic Arabic, which is employed to show children the way to read the Quran. The book teaches the right pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, using passages from the Quran. It begins with the Arabic alphabets, showing how they're connected 

Learn Advance Tajweed Rules


The Holy Quran is that the word of Allah if an individual doesn't know the attributes of every letter.
 “Tajweed” or “Tajwid” may be a quite common term within the context of Quran recitation. It comes from the Arabic word 

Quran Memorization 

Learn Quran memorization & Become a Hafiz/Hafiz of Holy Quran through live memorizing classes.
 Reported by Bukhaaree and Muslim] this suggests that it's obligatory upon the memorizer of the Quran to continuously recite what he has memorized from the Quran. With this constant attention and returning to what has been memorized will the Quran remain in his mind and without it, it'll escape 

Quran Classes for Kids 

Get your kids not only to learn Quran but like it also with a special Quran course of study for teenagers.
 The study of the Holy Quran and therefore the values it imparts are beneficial to children, not only as a topic but also as a source of ethical guidance. Students of all ages can learn valuable lessons from the stories of the prophets of Allah (SWT) and their companions 

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